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January [01 Feb 2009|12:03pm]
The last time I wrote here, someone died at work. Since then, several people have died. Not all were at work, but it involved something with work. They were older people.

The last was a friend of mine. We rarely spoke, but I considered him a friend. He was 75 and worked in the Hardware department. Whenever I had to find something there, I could at least find him, and he would always know where to go. He was a reliable person.

On Wednesday, some time in the afternoon, before 3pm, he suffered a heart attack. It happened as he and his wife were leaving the store, right by the grocery door. I did not work that day. I never knew he had open heart surgery, or even cardiac problems. I just knew we worked the same hours, and he would clock-in 15 minutes earlier.

His name was Mark, and I miss him.
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Happy Birthday [02 May 2008|12:35am]
Who else. Seriously.
What's 26 like?
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